Innovation, Intellectual Property & Development – in Chinese.

Translated by Jianjun Zhou, this paper, authored by Arjun Jayadev, Dean Baker & Joseph Stiglitz, was earlier published in English and Portuguese by the accessibsa project. 

Medicines under Exclusivity Situation funded by the Ministry of Health: Analysis of the Patent Situation and Public Procurement

Gabriela Costa Chaves, Marcela Cristina Fogaça Vieira, Roberta Dorneles F. da Costa, Mariani Nunes Sadock Vianna

Indian civil society responds to the Draft Patent Manual

Innovation and Intellectual Property in South Africa: The Case for Reform

Jonathan Berger and Andrew Rens

Pharmaceutical Patent Grants in India: How our safeguards against evergreening have failed, and why the system must be reformed

Dr. Feroz Ali, Dr. Sudarsan Rajagopal, Dr. Venkata S. Raman & Roshan John