accessibsa panel at the Global IP Congress, Washington DC

October 19, 2018

On September 29, 2018, the accessibsa project presented some findings from our work at the Global IP Congress in Washington DC. Present on the panel: Feroz Ali (IIT Madras/India), Andrew Rens (American University/South Africa), Marcela Vieira (Human Rights Lawyer/Brazil) and Achal Prabhala (Shuttleworth Fellow), along with discussants, Amy Kapczynski (Yale Law School) and Marumo Nkomo
(Department of Trade and Industry, Government of South Africa).

Here’s the video:

ABIA marches for access to Sofosbuvir

August 25, 2018

ABIA, in partnership with the accessibsa project, protested pharma giant Gilead’s pursuit of patents on Sofosbuvir, a critical Hepatitis-C drug in Brazil. ABIA urged the Brazilian government to reject Gilead’s one remaining patent application for Sofosbuvir, a move which would allow the more affordable generic to be legally available in Brazil.

For more, see here.



Images and video from demonstrations in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo:

Join us for the launch of STANDING UP FOR OUR LIVES!

July 20, 2018

Join us for the launch of STANDING UP FOR OUR LIVES – A History of the Access to Medicines Movement in South Africa, at the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam on 24 July.

View the pdf at the link below.

Standing Up For Our Lives!


You can see Section27’s history of access to medicines in South Africa, with text, audio and video, here:

Standing Up For Our Lives – A History of the Access to Medicines Movement in South Africa.

July 8, 2018

We supported Section27 to compile a multimedia project that examines the rich and storied history of the fight for access to medicines in South Africa. The project, which will be launched and released by Section27 and the Treatment Action Campaign will be released at the upcoming International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam and with written accounts of the history in South African media.

Meanwhile, you can learn more about the historic events in the fight for access to medicines, with new interviews and analysis, here.

Video of the DTI event on Innovation & Intellectual Property in South Africa, May 15, 2018

May 28, 2018

Featuring Marumo Nkomo, Tim Burrell, Alison Dyer, Jonathan Berger & Achal Prabhala, and hosted by Wiser, Wits University, Johannesburg.

Here’s the video:

DTI event coming up in Johannesburg

May 8, 2018

ABIA at the World Social Forum in Salvador

March 15, 2018

ABIA, along with GTPI, will be discussing how the EU-MERCOSUL Free Trade Agreement may harm access to medicines in Brazil.

ABIA, parceira do accessibsa, realiza debate sobre os impactos negativos do TLC UE-Mercosul para o acesso a medicamentos no âmbito do Fórum Social Mundial 2018

A Associação Brasileira Interdisciplinar de Aids (ABIA), coordenadora do Grupo de Trabalho sobre Propriedade Intelectual (GTPI), organizará o debate “Desafios para uma Saúde Universal e Democrática num Mundo Neoliberal” durante a 13ª edição do Fórum Social Mundial (FSM 2018), que será realizado entre os dias 13 e 17 de março, em Salvador (Brasil). A ABIA/GTPI é uma das organizações parceiras do projeto accessibsa no Brasil.

Serão realizados dois debates. O primeiro abordará os impactos do Tratado de Livre Comércio (TLC) em negociação entre a União Europeia e o Mercosul na saúde dos países e contará com a presença de representante dos quatro países do sul envolvidos na negociação. Enquanto o segundo tratará do tema “Saúde e Democracia” e tem entre seus convidados o pesquisador Jorge Bermudez, da Fiocruz, outra organização parceira do accessibsa no Brasil. Entre outros temas, Bermudez abordará o estudo de impacto do TLC UE-Mercosul nas compras públicas de medicamentos no Brasil, realizado no escopo do projeto.

A programação completa da atividade realizada pela ABIA no FSM2018 está disponível no convite.

Marcela Vieira and Feroz Ali at the Global Summit on Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines in Morocco.

January 12, 2018

Feroz Ali will present the “Rejected in India” report and Marcela Vieira will present the “Mercosur EU Free Trade Agreement” Analysis at the Global Summit on Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines – Pathways to Access – between 15 – 17 January 2018 in Marrakesh, Morocco. You can watch the event live here.