Pharmaceutical Patent Grants in India: How our safeguards against evergreening have failed, and why the system must be reformed

Dr. Feroz Ali, Dr. Sudarsan Rajagopal, Dr. Venkata S. Raman & Roshan John

The Patent Paradox In Brazil: Implications for purchases of medicines by the public health system

Marcela Fogaça Vieira and Gabriela Costa Chaves

Rejected in India: What the Indian Patent Office got right on pharmaceuticals patent applications (2009-2016)

Dr. Feroz Ali, Dr. Sudarsan Rajagopal, Mohamed Mustafa and Chinnasamy Prabhu

Mercosur-EU Free Trade Agreement: Impact analysis of TRIPS-plus measures proposed by the EU on public purchases and domestic production of HIV and Hepatitis C medicines in Brazil

Gabriela Costa Chaves, Walter Gaspar Britto and Marcela Fogaça Vieira

Innovation, Intellectual Property, and Development: A better set of approaches for the 21st Century.

Dean Baker, Arjun Jayadev and Joseph Stiglitz